Friday, 4 May 2012

Psychedelic Religions of The Future

What would a non-indigenous psychedelic religion look like?

The Rastas, Sufis, Sadhus (cannabis) Bwiti (ibogaine) Native American Church (peyote) UDV and Santo Daime (DMT + harmaline) have all integrated drugs into their religious practice with encouraging results.  Conversely in the west no such institution has emerged and survived long enough to earn legal standing and exemption from drug-laws.  To be exempt from federal law members of the Native American Church must be at least 25% native although some states allow non-natives to participate. 

In fact several hundred small North American, European and Australian groups have formed celebrating psychedelic spiritual communion but none have emerged strong enough to unify Huxley’s three generations of post Hiroshima psychedelians – and this is a shame. But the United States Supreme Court has approved the use of Peyote for Native Americans and Ayahuasca (DMT/harmaline tea) for all people in the Santo Daime.  What other psychedelic religions might the future bring?

1.     Psychoactive use is a basic human drive behind food, drink, sex and sleep – a fifth drive – also many if not most animal species also get “altered” sometimes
2.     Hydraulic drugs like cocaine, alcohol, amphetamine, heroin, tobacco etc. stimulate the brain temporarily and often become the focus of addiction, whereas holotropic (growing towards wholeness) drugs like LSD, psilocybin, mescaline, DMT, ketamine, can help the brain heal and change it indefinitely, MDMA and cannabis sit on the fence between hydraulic and holotropic.  With one dose in well-adjusted, spiritually ambitious people about 2/3 will experience a peak mystical experience regarded as the greatest or one of the greatest of their lives.  (replicated, peer-viewed, double-blind, active placebo, independent raters for psilocybin)

As I discussed in my last blog “serotonin and original sin” using any hydraulic drug daily for more that four months may permanently dysregulate the system(s) the drug is working on.   Not only do holotropic drugs satisfy the fifth drive for altered states but also there is considerable evidence that they can help “reset” the brain after long-term hydraulic drug use.   Take the animal and human addiction research with ibogaine  - and the human research with ketamine

Those addicted to ketamine of course will have to take ibogaine but for all other classes of addicts from alcohol to xylophones clients should be given one to three sub-anesthetic doses with a male and female therapist.



Addiction, Anti-Social Personality Disorder, with or without Psychopathy, coercive paraphilia
Death Anxiety, PTSD, certain forms of depression and personality disorder, many psychosomatic conditions and paraphilias, creative problem solving, spiritual experiences and those who successfully complete phase One
Those who have completed at least phase Two
One to three Ketamine or Ibogaine sessions with a male and female therapy team
One to three MDMA sessions with a male and female therapy team
One to six full spectrum psychedelic experiences (LSD, Mescaline, Psilocybin) with a male and female therapy team

That’s the clinical use of psychedelics that I see unfolding over the next thirty years, but once clients have completed therapy they may choose to join a psychedelic religion like the Ayahuasca, Peyote, Cannabis, Ibogaine groups or they may choose to start their own.

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