Saturday, 8 September 2012

Dec. 21, 2012 - the Einstein of consciousness emerges

“he not busy being born is busy dying”
Bob Dylan

“all pain is birth Pain”
Friedrich Nietzsche

I bought a six-lecture course through Wisdom University starring Stan Grof and a bunch of other psychedelic heavyweights.  In the free intro lecture Dr. Grof discusses the Mayan 2012 prophecies. 

Around 2012 the sun and earth align with the center of the galaxy, which the Mayans mythologize as the alignment between the Sun father and Milky Way mother.  Although it is true that this is occurring it happens over 36 years so much of the focus on December 21, 2012 (12-12-12) seems a bit misleading in that light.  The hippie astrology Mayan Shamans apparently quite different from the Aztec rigid Spartans used dozens of psychoactives and emphasized Grof’s perennial theme of death and rebirth.

The Mayans had a moon, sun, Venus, Mars and Jupiter calendar that intersected every fifty-two years. The last time would have been 1960 - with lots of social change ahead and then 1908 around the time of Einstein’s relativity theory’s emergence.

Grof argues that the Greek word apocalypse does not mean end of the world at all but instead the lifting of the veil.  This cleansing of perception is not strictly the experience of death and rebirth but the knowledge of how these perinatal forces shape our day-to-day reality.  The world is not what it seems we are simply making it that way.

“We are better artist than we realize.”

Robert Anton Wilson said “every perception is a gamble and reality is whatever you can get away with.”  If people realized the extent to which they are projecting their unprocessed birth trauma onto their lives they would stop thinking in such binary dualistic terms.  Lifting the veil not ending the world.

But Grof describes his own career as evolving from focusing on biographical Freudian thinking through the perinatal thinking that still has me occupied and on into the archetypal transpersonal realm.  In this vein of thought the perinatal blockages are secondary to the archetypal karmic needs that put the blocks there in the first place.

Regardless of why the blockages are there and since simplest explanation is usually best perhaps the 2012 apocalypse is related to a “lifting of the veil” of how we construct our reality. 

Timothy Leary proposed an eight circuit model of the brain with the first four taking imprints that by age 16 forged a reality tunnel through which each of us is condemned to experience the world.  With the recent surge in psychedelic and consciousness research it may be that we are getting closer to understanding how these reality tunnels work and open our minds to the shamanic technologies designed to transcend them.  

Dec. 21, 2012 is just over four months away - is there an Einstein lurking in the shadows with the e=mc2 of consciousness?

Fuck I hope so!

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